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He Who Seeketh, Findeth ! 

 A Welcome Note From The MD ! 

Dear Students,

You are at a crucial juncture of your academic career where you have to decide your future course of studies so that you may come up with flying colors in the competitive examinations that you intend to take up after class XII Board examinations.

The competitive examinations for higher studies in Indian and foreign institutions like IITs, AIIMS or other Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations can be qualified only if a candidate is having real in-depth knowledge of the subjects and has skill to apply the related concepts to variety of problems. No doubt, you learn many things at your school from your learned teachers. But due to lack of time and vast syllabus they are able to do justice only with their duty to prepare you for board examinations. 

In this situation you need a capable, experienced and dedicated guide who can show you the right path and can enlighten you about minutest of aspects of competitive examinations, like JEE(Main & Advanced)/BITSAT/UPSEE and AIPMT/AIMS-PMT/CPMT. There are many institutions in our city claiming very high with regard to their faculty's qualifications and results achieved by them. But before taking a decision you have to enquire whether the institute has a well planned strategy and scietific methodology to impart education. Is it taking care of your board examinations? Is it finishing the syllabus well before the examinations? Does it cover the syllabus with appropriate depth in time or just misguide you by telling a few objective type problems in the class in the name of the new objective pattern.

When you do a sincere research you will find that Rubic's Rostrum has all the qualifications to be called a perfect guide. It may be a self praise but it is also a fact. Results of the students of our esteemed institution in past four years have been given on the next few pages as a proof of our sincerity and devotion to the studies of our dear students who feel completely secured after getting enrolled in our institution. I must tell you that most of the talented students devote eight to nine months after class XII to prepare for JEE/PMT. As competitive examinations like JEE and PMT require critical appreciation of every aspect of the subjects, this period is too short despite the fact that the syllabi of JEE and PMT are same as that of class XI and XII and most of the good students know fundamentals related to class XI and XII due to rigorous preparation for board examinations. 

Since JEE and PMT have undergone major changes, it has become more important that students aspiring to study in IIT or AIIMS should start their preparation as early as possible. Our brilliant results indicate that every motivated student dreaming to make a bright career in engineering or medicine should get proper foundation for JEE/PMT right from class IX and must start serious studies for JEE/PMT right from class XI. If a student did not start studying for JEE/PMT right from class XI, he must begin sincere preparation after final examinations of class XI. In case,  a student did not prepare for JEE/PMT during class XI and/or XII, he should not feel discouraged and lagged behind if he decides to prepare for the same  after class XII. The only thing he has to do in this situation is to devote more time to indepth and guided studies to compensate for the loss of time which he should have devoted to studies for JEE/PMT right after class X.

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